QAD Arrow Rest Ultra Rest HDX- Black
Price RM649.00
Product SKU product-1598681066176
Brand QAD - Quality Archery Designs
Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
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The QAD HDX Arrow Rest offers extreme compatibility and versatility. It has a breakaway safety feature and comes with a redesigned vertical style. This QAD arrow rest has a curved capture bar and features an adjustable timing cord at the thumbwheel.

The Advanced Vibration Technology comes in handy to reduce unwanted vibrations, while the durable molded rubber build helps to create quiet shots and feel. This drop-away arrow rest is constructed of a CNC-aluminum with stainless steel and Delrin components.

It helps to maintain an arrow-capture position even during a slow let down. Versatile and compatible with most bows on the market, this QAD HDX Arrow Rest is an ideal choice for the avid sportsmen.QAD HDX Arrow Rest:

  • Curved capture bar
  • Redesigned vertical
  • More versatile and compatible than ever before
  • Mounting block design gives you even more vertical adjustment and fits most bows on the market
  • Full draw indicator marks ensure proper launcher position at full draw
  • Rest boasts Lock-Down Technology, eliminating rest bounce back
  • Advanced Vibration Technology reduces vibration
  • Durable molded rubber creates ultra quiet shots and feel
  • Velocity Drop-Away Technology maintains arrow-capture position even during slow letdown
  • Adjustable timing cord at the thumbwheel
  • Vertical, horizontal and overdraw adjustments
  • QAD arrow rest has breakaway safety features
  • Constructed of CNC-aluminum, stainless steel and Delrin components