AXCEL Truball Archery Accutouch Plus HD Slider Sight with Dampener with Scope with 1Pin
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Size (L x W x H) 40 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm
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AXCEL Accutouch Plus HD Slider - Sight

  • Patent pending AccuClicks make this slider sight function like a multi-pin sight
  • Set each AccuClick at a specific distance so the slider will stop where you want it. Simply "Pick" your distance, "Click" it into place, and "Stick" your target!
  • 45 degree rear-facing sight scale allows easy recognition of where the sight pointer is set, which is teamed with AccuClicks that allow the archer to easily set their sight from an arm's length away
  • Features a Patent Pending adjustable Red Elevation Tension Lever that allows the archer to choose their own tension for how easily the sight slides along the elevation bar
  • All axis leveling capabilities from the first axis with no shims needed, to the separate second and third axis leveling on the head of the scope
  • Windage lock button stops the micro-adjustable windage knob from turning, if engaged
  • Superior windage dovetail guide system provides zero backlash, while the elevation adjustment will not fall off the sight when you reach the maximum range of elevation travel
  • Carbon Pro extension bar is made of superior carbon woven fiber, layered 90 degrees to each layer for added strength, and is machined with design cut outs and tapered edges for wind deflection The carbon material absorbs vibration and is extremely light weight, extension bar can be moved in and out or removed completely from the bow for secure storage during travel
  • Extension bar is designed with a Mathews Harmonic Damper insert for vibration dampening qualities

AccuView Plus Scope

  • Torque Indicator Ring on the front side of the scope pairs with the interior partially-engraved ring for perfect alignment to your peep
  • Includes a rheostat cover to eliminate the starburst effect from pins that are too bright by blocking out extreme sunlight, while allowing the pin brightness to vary at different degrees depending on the archer's specific lighting situation
  • Crosshair insert is also included to aid in aiming during low lighting situations
  • Features Co-Planar Centering Technology with an engraved partial ring at the same depth as the sight pins, designed for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off center
  • Easily interchangeable between right hand to left hand and comes assembled with a "T" Connection to the sight
  • The "T" Connection, made specifically for use with AXCEL Tournament sights, features 2 points of connection that provides a stronger and easier-to-level connection
  • Assembled with a single .019" green ring pin featuring a new design paired with brighter fiber and reflective tape to allow for maximum pin brightness