Bohning Archery New Sight Peep Serve Less System Peep it and Anchor Knot
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Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm
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The Bohning Company is proud to announce the marketing of the time savings, high quality, and innovative Peep it and Anchor Knot.

Bohning is the exclusive distributor of the innovative SERVE-LESS peep sight and anchor knot. Bohning is excited about these SERVE-LESS  products as they were designed to reduce labor and possible string damage during install.

Bohning has tested the strength, UV resistance and performance of the entire SERVE-LESS line. Place the bow in a vise, reduce string tensions, ensure all wax is removed from install area of the string,  separate the string and thread it around the Peep it “arms,” and that’s it! Your done!  

The average install time is less than 30 seconds. Available with tube holders, threaded for optics or standard.

Installation instructions:

  1. Using a Bow Press, divide the string into two halves.
  2. Place Peep It in between the parted string and feed string into helical groves.
  3. While relaxing the bow press, maintain upward pressure on the Peep It to secure the string in the grooves. Adjust the Peep up or down as required by repeating this process.
  4. Connect tube (not included) - one end connects to Peep It with tube connector, the other end wraps around the buss cable.
  5. Wax the bowstring with Bohning's Seal-Tite, Tex-Tite, or other Bohning brand waxes, and that’s it!